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Our story

STAPLA is relatively young company, full of energy that stands equally next to the large business systems. Stapla main activity is the production of plastic packaging, toys and packaging images and other objects.

• References are in the hands of:

– Nestle Adriatic (SRB)
– Frikom (SRB)
– Ledo (HR – EU)
– grupacije Luxor (SRB)
– Sport Vision (SRB)
– Beohemija (SRB)
– Sunoko (SRB)
– Swisslion (SRB)
– Sweetsystem (SRB)
– Magic ice (RKS)
– Tekma (HR – EU)
– Candy mix (BiH)
– Falcon (MNE)
– Darma (MNE)
– Cermat (MKD) i dr.

Additional activities: trade in raw materials for plastics and cargo services.


And something more

Staple has all the necessary infrastructure for the successful and modern business in areas of its interests, and has a modern production of plastic containers and packaging.

Business of Stapla is integrated through specially designed business information software that was implemented at the beginning of the business year 2010. Thanks to the implementation of the information system and monitoring on a daily basis, we can make easier and faster strategic business decision. Staple has a standard ISO 9001: 2015 by TUV Germany.

The company has 15 employees. Headquartered in Stalać.

It is important to say that we work with a few modern tool shops in the country and abroad. This means that we are in a position to produce even the most complicated tools according to custom, design and client’s request. We are also ready, in case of potential cooperation, to disclose our knowledge in technology tooling as consultants in situations where the tools are produced in the tool shops with which we do not cooperate.

At the same time, we do everything in our power to find adequate and quality time to achieve cooperation in the production of unique products, at the request of the client. Accordingly, the special designing department works on modern programs producing real 3D models in modern programs and 3D printers.