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STAPLA - plastic packaging & toys

We have all the necessary infrastructure for the successful and modern production of plastic packaging and toys.

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We care about the environment

STAPLA is dedicated to the development, technical innovation and new technologies. In our work we do follow of all the innovations, in terms of raw materials, as well as in terms of machinery. However, with all this, we are paying great attention to the environmental protection.

Satisfied customers and employees

It is not possible to have satisfied customers if the employees working on the production are not satisfied. Working in a pleasant atmosphere and a healthy environment, with mutual respect and appreciation, we create that our employees are satisfied with the work they are doing – and thus raise the quality of their products.

Energetic efficiency

In our work we use modern, highly energy-efficient machines. And this is another way in which we protect the natural resources and contribute to solving environmental problems. Thus, in addition to high-quality product to our customers we also ‘deliver’ the idea of a healthy economic development.

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Satisfied clients
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About us

The largest part of the business of Stapla refers to the production of plastic packaging and other plastic items. References are in the hands of Nestle Adriatic, Frikom, Ledo, Luxor Group, Sport Vision, Beohemija and others. Additional activities: trade in raw materials for plastics and cargo.

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Advanced technologies80%
Production capacity95%
Customer satisfaction100%

Company objectives

Company objectives:
1. Creating packaging to facilitate people’s daily needs in terms of quality, design, accessibility, safety and pricing.
2. Take care of the environment.
3. Love for the company. Satisfied employees and satisfied customers are trying to improve the company.
4. Participation in humanitarian actions.
5. Follow the development of technologies in the field of plastics.
6. Monitor standards.
7. Expanding the market.
8. Profit is a secondary objective for the company.


Vladimir Živadinović



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